Frequently asked questions

Do I need a website to have a WiZZ Travel listing?

You do not need a website to list your tourism or travel related business or organisation on WiZZ Travel.
Premium listings allow you to add telephone and a contact form, and links to your FaceBook, or Twitter pages.

How do I add more than one location?

In case you have more than one location, for example if you have three hotels, you probably want to add three separate listings to WiZZ Travel, so you can add three markers to our maps, and you can describe each hotel separate.
If you want to add more than two listings, contact us and we’ll organise a discount so you can add all your locations.

Can I suggest any business or organization to WiZZ Travel?

  • WiZZ Travel only accepts listings of websites, businesses or organizations that are aimed at tourists and travelers, or provide other information that is useful for people planning a trip, holiday or vacation.
  • Your website should provide unique content, assist people to better plan their trip, or contribute towards their enjoyment when visiting a particular destination.
  • If your website is directed at the general public, and the information is only remotely useful to travelers or tourists, then most likely your site will not be accepted.
  • Your site must have a clear method of contact. This can be either an email address, contact form or a mailing address.
  • The following examples clarify our guidelines:
Most likely accepted Not accepted
Real casinos: some real tourists enjoy them Online casinos: they are not meant for real life travelers
Holiday accommodation booking service Real estate website (unless you have a specific section for holiday accommodation, not just rental)
Local tourism guide General directory listing all local businesses
Online booking agency Mirror sites operated by affiliates, or affiliate URL’s
Specialty bookshop selling maps and travel books General bookshop
Specialized tourism or travel directory providing unique content  Website mainly consisting of affiliate links

Note: The final decision to accept a listing rests with the WiZZ Travel editors.

Any other questions? Just ask us!