Submission guidelines


  • The WiZZ Travel directory is a searchable directory of tourism and travel related businesses and websites
  • Our aim is make the directory as useful as possible for tourists and travelers
  • The WiZZ Travel directory is NOT an automated directory: all submissions are reviewed individually and not all sites or businesses are accepted
  • We want visitors to trust they will find quality information in the directory and therefore ask you to review the information below before submitting your business for review
  • If you understand and follow our guidelines below, you minimize the chance your submission might be rejected

Step 1: Does your business or website meet the WiZZ Travel directory criteria?

  • Your business or website should be aimed at tourists or travelers, or must provide other information that is useful for somebody planning a trip, holiday or vacation
  • If you submit a website, that website must:
    • have an English version, which is easily accessible from the homepage, or you can submit the URL of the English section of your site
    • provide substantively unique content (for example do not submit mirror or affiliate only sites)
    • clearly define its purpose, products and/ or services
    • have a clear method of online contact
  • Your website must NOT:
    • have any areas under construction
    • have a limited lifespan
    • be mainly created to maximize ad and/or affiliate revenue without providing anything unique to visitors

Step 2: Suggest your business to be added to WiZZ Travel

  • Follow the instructions on the submission form carefully
  • Take your time to submit a well written description:
    • Your listing will appear more professional, and
    • People following any of your links will find what they expect

Review by

  • Sometimes we reject a request for a listing
    It does not mean your website or business is of a poor standard or low quality, it just means that in its current presentation we do not see any benefit for visitors to the WiZZ Travel directory, so don’t take it personally
    We will give you our reasons why we decide to decline your request, and you can ask us to reconsider by replying to the original rejection email within 30 days. Please make sure that when you reply, you include the complete original email we sent you
  • Where it is clear that submissions have been made without any reference to our guidelines, or have been made by auto-submission software, the requests will be simply deleted without any acknowledgment

Updating or upgrading your listing on the WiZZ Travel directory.

  • You can update your listing if you need to make any changes to the information you provided earlier
  • Navigate to your listing, and click Edit your listing
  • If you currently have a Standard listing, you can upgrade to a Premium listing using the Upgrade your listing link
  • If you already have a Priority listing and choose a Priority Review to update any of your information, then a further year will be added to the current expiry date

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