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Links iconLink to WiZZ Travel and give your listing a boost …

If your website is listed in the WiZZ Travel Guide or the WiZZ Travel directory you can improve the position of your listing within the category by linking to any page on WiZZ Travel from your website.

Listings are ordered in the following order:

  1. Priority listing with a link to WiZZ Travel
  2. Priority listing
  3. Standard listing with a link to WiZZ Travel
  4. Standard listing

Tip The page where you link to the WiZZ Travel has to be accessible from your homepage, by both your visitors and search engines.

Submit your reciprocal link.

If your site is listed on WiZZ Travel, then follow these steps:

  1. Place a link to any page of WiZZ Travel on your website
  2. Contact us with
    1. the URL of the page of your listing on WiZZ Travel, and
    2. the URL of the page where you link to us
  3. We will update your listing so your site will be ranked higher in your category
  4. And let you know once we have upgraded your listing